About Us



My family and I live in Spring Hill, KS where my wife and I both work; Anna teaches at the local high school. Our son William is preschool aged, and the three of us love spending time outdoors and just hanging out as a family. We go to the park, read, watch movies, fish and camp, and spend time with William's grandparents for fun. 



Fishing has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and now I compete in the region. In 2019, I qualified as part of the Kansas B.A.S.S. state team, and I look forward to adding that  trail in 2020. Bass fishing is important to who I am because it's all about the outdoors, improving every day, and conservation. 



My grandparents and parents instilled in me the importance of tradition - family traditions, patriotic tradition, and a tradition of excellence. I do my best to carry those traditions into everything I do whether it's teaching my son to fish, recognizing and supporting veterans, or upholding high standards in every job I do. I want my name and the Manning Electric name to be associated with quality and caring, and that is how I will do my best to treat every job and every customer.